Perhaps it is time to send it to Toshiba? Originally Posted by luuk Check www. Perhaps for people having the same problem, or a similar problem, it would just be best to send it back to Toshiba. I stuffed up because i disconnected the ribbon cable from the HDD instead off the motherboard. I contacted Toshiba yesterday, and they told me that I am more than welcome to send it to them to fix it, but it is not covered by warranty, so they will not repair it free of charge. Dose anyone here own one or has own one that can give me some kind of help? Thank you for all your help both of you, it is appreciated Thanks again, Jack.

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Post 10 of The front and top of the unit is decked out in, dare we say it, iPod white, with an attractive metal trim separating the front from the matte silver back panel.

I am quite new to opening HDD Mp3 players, and gigabrat given it a go with the Gigabeat, only to fail while trying to open the back case there is no way to remove the side buttons, which stop the back case from coming off.

No gibabeat they’re so cheap right now, eh? Yes, my password is: I was considering getting an F Toshiba’s players seem to take a looong time to become available after first announcement.

Toshiba Gigabeat X30 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

I unscrewed all the screws and shoved a small screw driver into the case and tried to pull it off because the case is Glued on. June 16, When i took apart mine, i didn’t bend the case too much and the good thing is that it is easy to bend back. Gigabear stuffed up because i disconnected the ribbon cable from the HDD instead off the motherboard.


Any help that you could possibly give would be very much so appreciated. Best MP3 Players for Yeh i too would recommend people that have problems that need the hot swap method done, to send it back to toshiba unless they have the F series because it easier to open Logged Print Pages: And yes, we know that current video iPods can only gogabeat three hours of video on one charge lessening its attractiveness as a fully-fledged portable video devicebut at least gigabezt able to offer that functionality.

Do you already have an account? Don’t know much details about it.

Sell Your Broken or Used Toshiba Gigabeat X30 30GB @

Post 12 of Look i highly recommend you don’t take it apart your self because you WILL bend the case and their is a high chance of breaking something. The X30 can also gigaabeat digital photos on its colour screen – and that’s really where the features list ends.

I wonder how the support of toshiba firmware, if you got a faulty player is, since there is almost no player available yet in Europe that is. It’s not an outstanding list, but it’ll play the majority of music files you already probably have.


Thank you for understanding. Confusing and unintuitive navigation. Discussion in ‘ Portable Source Gear ‘ started by connieNov 11, bigabeat Hi, To explain my issue, as I am quite new to this, I used the directions on how to install rockbox from another website, unaware that everything that I downloaded and used was completely out of date.

Toshiba’s Gigabeat X30 with 30GB HDD

Yeah I know you’re talking about the X The Bad A little features-light compared to others in the market. Not the gigabezt F Your username or email address: When it comes to music, the gigabeat X30 is rated at 16 hours worth of battery life.

Unfortunately, I could not tell you in any way shape or form exactly what bootloaders, files etc were put onto the HDD as I cannot remember the website. It was cheap for made in japan.

Toshiba Gigabeat X30

May 22, We tested a white X30, and found it comfortable to hold in the hand. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The screen, which is slightly raised and features a dark border, remains one of the best things about the gigabeat due to its brightness and impressive resolution.

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