Mac OS X BOT is an old standard, and completely sequential. We test some of these advances to see if the new USB can deliver the goods when it comes to moving data. Compared to even the limited command queueing that most users have become accustomed to over the past decade since AHCI became the industry standard for internal mass storage, BOT is horribly primitive, which is a fact that is only highlighted by the rising market share of SSDs. It needs to wait for the device to complete its task before more data can be transmitted. The software has a USB 3.

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However since UASP is an industry standard, the device support for ASUS UASP implementation is not restricted to a particular controller manufacturer or device type, so the overall number of peripherals available should undoubtedly aasus.

How does UASP work? Finally, the pipeline architecture also allows multiple data transmissions to use up the entire bandwidth available to the device, bringing a significant difference to performance of multiple transfers compared to BOT. Logo will change to indicate the status of the USB 3. This brings the speed up in small data block access, as well as less CPU utilization thanks to the reduction in the number of transmissions.


We have all heard about just how great USB has become, or should have become. Note this list will actively grow as more UASP enabled chipsets come to market: So, only compatible USB 2.

Z87 chipset itself should support USAP. At this time the throughput was low, multitasking was limited and no multiple access to the same device was even considered.

Asus boosts USB transfer speeds with new SCSI-based protocol

Background knowledge of the existing USB 3. Basically all this means you can push more data through at once! Mac OS X For now, at least, many enthusiasts are taking a “cold, dead hands” approach to upgrading from Windows 7 to This means it may not help to further improve the transfer performance when multiple files were transferred at the same time, however, it still delivers a noticeable performance gain in USB 3.

Moreover, with the capability to process the data of the commands in the order they arrive rather than the order they were sent out also minimizes the waiting time, providing the new architecture room to squeeze in more data packets. Some terms of use before starting: This allows multiple commands to be issued at the same time, while also a small chunk of data is collected in data buffer, and repacked into a larger data packet to be streamed through.


Upon closer investigation, the traditional limitations of USB storage arise from the way a drive communicates with its host. Results 1 to 10 of For Windows 7 holdouts who need fast external storage, all hope is not lost. The performance gain is less noticeable when using USB 3. You only need it if the device is USB 3 compatible however.

We test some of these advances to see if the new USB can deliver the goods when it comes to moving data. This requires checking your peripherals before purchase.

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Moreover, thanks to the multi-tasking aware architecture, the performance is further enhanced when multiple transfers occur. Beginning with USB 3.

[H]ardOCP: Making Old USB Better with New and ASUS

News [H]ard Forum Settings. Again decrypting the complicated image above: It needs to wait for the device to complete its task before more data can be transmitted. Sign In Sign Up.

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