The guide speed is a parameter set in the mount or in the mount driver , it’s not something controlled by PHD2. Equatorial mounts do not need to be accurately polar-aligned although an accurate polar alignment will likely lead to a more satisfying observing experience. Sign in Already have an account? Reversing Clk and Data will just cause it to not work. The following is a picture of the prototype support ing the guider functionality of the Meade

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Ascom Telescope guiding – Getting Started Equipment Help and Advice – Stargazers Lounge

Celestron Telescope Driver ProgId programmers only: Tech info on the and Aux Bus comms. I have been trying to work with the ascom-talk egroup and contact the current code author to be allowed to distribute a derivative work of the Qutostar 5 Meade Classic and Autostar 1 driver but have been un-successful so far. Use the SkyWatcher driver listed below.

The purpose of parking a scope is to allow a stationary scope to be powered up at a later time and not have to be synced or otherwise aligned.


Why not develop a driver system for astronomy? If you upgrade from firmware 3. Sign in with Twitter.

If you want to use the same equipment set-up with different binning levels, it’s best to create separate profiles for each binning value. I am at a total loss Driver acsom users, in the Chooser: Say you send the scope on a go-to from the computer.

Code download for ‘guider only’ History of this project Started with a clone. All Sky Plate Solver – Camera array data unsupported.

The button leads to David’s web site for this driver auttostar well as other info on DSCs. Schematic, click image for larger view: Pressing either Up or Down will get the AS back in sync and the motor will stop. This won’t have any effect on your actual guidng results, but it will allow PHD2 to know the image-scale for aktostar set-up.

What is the ultimate in computer control of telescopes? It also recognises the StarSense HC.

Your header in Here. A quiet little spot where Rod Mollise shares his adventures and misadventures Many telescope models from different manufacturers support this 4-wire guide autostsr input albeit with different pins or signal polarities.


Supported Telescopes/Mounts

If the serial Bluetooth COM ports for some reason has not successfully been created a computer restart usually helps. Low torque full steps forward:.

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This is another area that seems to cause confusion. Full featured unit If you are interested in different variations of full featured unit see project page below.

Meade LX200GPS / R Telescope and Focuser Driver

View my complete ajtostar. All I can say, muchachos, is we have come a long way since SkyGlobe 3. I need to control my scope, my dome, and my auto – guide camera. But then it’s “off” in the astronomy program. Older Availability Full featured: Parts list for full featured The sends 8 bytes and does not seem to keep gating out clock after the last byte so the can ack it.

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