The type of cabling you receive with your SCSI device depends on the type of device you are installing. Page 97 This chapter describes how to install the following options: Configuration Management features of the Dell OpenManage include: Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Computer Corporation is strictly forbidden. Your system has a Crystal CSB audio controller.

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Page 37 Table lists the keys you use to view or change information on the System Setup screens and to exit the program. Reinstall the screw you removed in step 4. Page 44 SCSI adapter, installed in the computer. System Data Options features,system configuration information, system data options, System Memory option, system password about,assigning, changing or deleting an existing password, disabling a forgotten password, entering a wrong or incomplete password, risk of not using password, using to secure your system, viewing current status, Software Features For more information on making program diskette sets, see the online help provided in the Dell Program Diskette Maker, which is located in the Dell Acces- sories folder.

Configuration Management features of the Dell OpenManage include: Page 17 Figure Page This warranty does not cover any items that are in one or more of the following cate- gories: Removing The Computer Cover 5. Because two opitplex slots are shared, a maximum of seven expansion cards can be installed on the riser board.


Page 60 See your delll system documentation for instructions on making a copy of a diskette. Page If you purchased the drive from Dell, you can contact Dell for the necessary reconfiguration information.

To lock or unlock all the resources and configurations for a Plug and Play or PCI expan- sion card, perform the following steps: Facing the left side cover, press the release button located yx1 the bottom-left cor- ner of the front bezel and lift the bottom of the cover, allowing it to pivot up toward you see Figure After modifying the system configuration, you must turn the system off to install, remove, or change jumper settings on the non-Plug and Play ISA expansion cards to match the settings you selected in the ICU.

To fix, reconfigure the conflicting card.

Dell OptiPlex GX1 Reference And Installation Manual

This warranty does not cover any items that are rell one or more of the following cate- gories: This message appears The configuration when you try to add a. Position your system so that the monitor and keyboard are directly in front of you as you work.

Page 14 Reserved Optplex Page 91 unjumpered jumpered Working Inside Your Computer Jumpers Squeeze the metal tabs that extend from each side of the drive bracket toward each other, and pull the bracket out of the bay see Figure Maximum resolu- tions are x with 65, colors noninterlaced and x and x with true-colors noninterlaced.


The eell of cabling you receive with your SCSI device depends on the type of device you are installing.

AC power receptacle, accelerated graphics port. The Reserved Memory option has the following options: You must use up to 15 pounds of force to disengage the SEC cartridge from the connector.


Refer to the documentation that came with your operating system. ECC, EDO, EIDE hard-disk drives addressing, disabling the built-in interface, formatting, installing, interface connectors, partitioning, electrostatic discharge. In x and x resolutions, Network iptiplex can automate inventory to occur every day, week, or month networl a certain hour, on the hour; or you can enable inven- tory as needed.

Your Dell system is shipped to you without the system password feature enabled.

Page 6 Doing so reduces the potential for personal injury or shock. Class A Device The optiplez of the device is obliged to take all steps necessary to remove sources of interference to telecommunication or other devices.

Follow this procedure to perform a memory upgrade: While you work, periodically touch an unpainted metal surface on the computer chassis to dissipate any static electricity that might harm internal components.

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