They’re right about the contradiction in promoting transit-oriented development like the awesome Wiehle Metro development and then cutting the transit that’s supposed to serve it, though. The two people who lived in the home managed to get out safely and are being assisted by the Red Cross. I am not encouraged. Posted by Restonian at 7: Reston Association President Robin Smyers said she had no idea a letter she wrote endorsing three of the 10 candidates in this month’s Board of Directors race would cause such a backlash. More information is available here. What should have been a simple announcement of planned public hea

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Please forward this on to anyone you know in the area particularly women who walk their dog, go on runs, etc. Anyway, don’t take our word for any of this — we skimmed through all pages of the document in about gariulo minutes. While I am hesitant to validate to this fallacious allegation by acknowledging it—especially as a sitting Board member—I feel that this bargiulo a bigger issue about which I am quite passionate.

Read this breathless account: The story in my previous post noted that Mr. Some would hurl us back 20 years. And then they’ll have to face the elite Salvation Army itself, what with its tanks and machine gun nests and bellringers and kettles and whatnot.

Investigators interviewed several Washington Capitals players Tuesday after a chiropractor with ties to the Capitals and Washington Nationals was arrested at his home in Reston and charged with obtaining steroids and other illegal performance-enhancing drugs from an alleged steroids dealer in Lakeland, Fla.

The police officer agrgiulo in the detective who is handling this case the one who contributed to the Washington Post articleand explained grgiulo her the magnitude of the situation.

No Bail in Taxi Driver’s Death

A member of the Reston Association Election Committee and the current vice president of the RA Board have called for changes in RA rules following recent endorsements and non-endorsements and whatnot during the not at all controversial RA board elections, which took a fun new turn over the weekend when “electronic messages” went out alleging that one group of candidates were a sleeper cell of a reviled terrorist organizationor maybe just the Republican party — which is just as insidious an allegation in our beloved earth-toned community.


However, this claim of self-defense was questioned at the bond hearing. It startled me because I didn’t hear him at all and I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. One has money and the other has land and both are there to serve us. It sounds like our exhortations for more rad ’80s art have not fallen on deaf ears!

This effort was ill-managed, but not evil as opponents chose to paint it. Police have arrested a Reston man on murder charges stemming eevan the October shooting of a Reston woman in his Winterthur Garigulo. Garguilo was sentenced to 15 years in prison; 12 years for the murder charge, three for using the gun.

On the other end of the price spectrum is this charmer on Northgate Square near Lake Anne. Gargiulo said in his videotaped statement to police that he’d been very upset after shooting Nazir, a year-old married father of one.

Routethe Loudoun portion of which is called Evann Ox Road, along with routes 50 and 28, is under consideration for creating a mini-beltway, or “Dulles Loop,” around the airport.

Evan Gargiulo – A DC Observer

A grassroots gargiylo has been started to fight these changes and save our buses. Gargiulo carried a bag that held the items he claims were stolen].

In a pretrial hearing, prosecutors revealed that Nazir was still wearing his seat belt when he was discovered. He did this because he felt vulnerable after having his wallet and cellphone stolen. A rush process was started again during the trial this week, and copies of the original documents were faxed to West Virginia, Rodway said.


This coalition has put forth a partisan slate of candidates who, if elected, could cause much harm to Reston.

It all happened so fast, but at some point as he walked ahead of me, I noticed that his hands came out of his pockets and he had on latex gloves. Let’s take a look at some photos of our ecan “new town,” shall we? Here’s her “electronic message. Remind us when this election is over again? The “news-letter” called one house “posh living for those on a tighter budget. Also, while we wish there were more time to consider more options, we do believe that the current proposal by the Comstock group, garguulo is before us with improvements, is far better for Reston than the apparent alternative of a solitary 8 story above ground Metro garage on the site.

About cats competed at the show, sanctioned by the Cat Fanciers’ Association Inc. In one fell swoop, earlier this week the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved three massive projects that together will bring nea Several secret Restonian operatives forwarded us this “electronic message” from RA President Robin Smyers, encouraging people to vote for three “non-partisan” candidates and calling another unnamed endorsed slate of candidates — presumably the Gang of Three endorsed by Save Brown’s Chapel — “a partisan slate of candidates who, if elected, could cause much harm to Reston.

C police later [November 1 or November 2 article is unclear on this point ]. I had to consider the decision of Mr.

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