If it helps here’s one of the VCR’s I am using. Geniatech is successful in important landmark proceedings before the Higher Regional Court of Cologne: Image was still washed out. Strategic partnership between Geniatech and emteria Cooperation with emteria for increasing the worldwide coverage of industrial Android. I assume there’s more to it than just hooking it up and turning it on.

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Don’t those capture devices have proc amp controls that allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and colors?

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Exactly what do I do to use the TBC aspect of the unit?? A few more questions which, again, may come off as stupid but I have to eyegv them. Essentially I was ruling out I don’t think the VCR is defective or needs cleaning but you basically just confirmed that cleaning out the heads is likely not gonna have an effect anyways so there you go.

For the most part he was just as puzzled as I am. By digicube in forum Capturing. That should allow you to get good blacks and prevent blown out brights.

How was I to remember he mentioned that?? The Device Status in the devices properties window reads: What you describe as “very fuzzy and grainy” below the second image in your first post is neither fuzzy blurry nor grainy random static type noise. Another tape I did that had color footage had the same effect. Total TV Player In order to update the driver, please visit this site. It’s also the same model as the one my friend was using. When I initially opened that link in your post I was initially surprised how you found that thread until I reread your post saying that I had linked it in my original post to which I ultimately reread said post and yes I did.


Haven’t fetched one yet but I’ll likely try the Panasonic ES Collaboration Geniatech and Arrow Arrow and Geniatech accelerate development of scalable IoT solutions through collaboration.

Keep in mind I had never heard of TBC until just two days ago so my limits of knowledge on the matter might be making me think into this too much. I had a few rough run ins on this site before and thought I was going through it again.

Sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions.

Me TV – EyeTV for Ubuntu?

It’s not just the Monster tapes I’m dealing with however. Last edited by vaporeon; 24th Apr at This was a tuner I believe. I will review them. His capture method was EyeTV Hybrid. Is there perhaps a different capture device anyone here recommends??

Last edited by crissrudd; 17th Apr at Oii this is gonna be tough. I do hope someone can assist me with this. Originally Posted by vaporeon Also the image above does linjx have the same geometry as my friends capture note that his has more image on the sides.


[ubuntu] elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner + MythTV

Eetv when I ‘deinterlace’ in VLC it will still have the ‘overlapping image’ even if technically its not part of the source video. I’m only interested in this to use it as a video pass through, nothing else.

At one point I did try messing with the contrast settings with I think it was the ’09 EyeTV and it just wasn’t hybri it the way I wanted it to. With this transaction Elgato completes its transformation from a PCTV solutions provider to a specialist for app-enabled lifestyle accessories. Last edited by crissrudd; 29th Apr at This actually looks a bit more detailed compared to my friends capture.

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