Make sure “Use loader” option is checked and the rest are not. This page is intended to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions. All this was resolved in a later version s of EZClient get the latest version and make sure you are not using a pre-patched ROM. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. There is no support for 64bit versions of Windows, no Mac clients Virtual PC is known to work however and no Linux support. If however you want a simple recommendation Jandaman is a great site from which to order your equipment.. The First and only card to date that uses the 1.

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Simply just unplug your linker copy the contents of the sysbin directory of the EZClient download over the old one into your C: Retrieved from ” http: There are some sites from which you can order, it is up to you in the end but some sites are good and some you would do well not to buy from.

I have not tried using it under a rescue version of XP bartpe or some of the stuff bundled with the likes of Hiren’s boot CD but there is the option of the virtual machine- http: The relative merits of each shop could be debated for a long time without a clear conclusion, just bear in mind shops in Hong Kong and other Asian countries may cause you to have to pay import taxes, may take a while shipping and be expensive at that and returns may be difficult, many have and do use such places without any trouble though.


Keep in mind that your EZFlash cart is sized in Megabits and on your hard drive they’re in Megabytes. No firmware replacements are available, but I think you are referring to a “loader” replacement. The very latest software, drivers and instruction manual will be sent on CD with the Linker Unit.

EZ II power star flash kit

EZ 2 official resellers are always supplied with the latest software updates and drivers. Assuming you selected “use loader” or if you are using it for DS software the “use NDS loader” from poaerstar system config menu the version used will be the one that comes with EZClient which will be the latest if you have the latest software.

PM me if you ever want to sell it. The same can by done for the cart’s saver with the “BAK Save” button. The more advanced features of EZFlash Products.

EZ-Flash II Powerstar Mb | – The Independent Video Game Community

It is used to remove intros added by release groups into the roms. Hardware Support for all Save Game types: Second, make sure the contacts on your cart are clean. You can also download these gba book roms from the net.

Other shops that deal the carts are shown in the Official dealers list. If you dumped it yourself, try again. Sometimes the light on the linker stays red too when the computer is first booted.

EZ-Flash USA Forum

Discussion in ‘ EZ-Flash ‘ started by sanoblueApr 3, First, did you leave the cart in the linker with your PC on for 8 hours when you first got it? This being the case opening up the cart, reseating the PCB printed circuit board and reassembling it may do the trick. If you are running Windows XP make sure you at least have service pack 1 installed and are using the USB f,ash provided there in and not using the USB drivers that came with your motherboard.


If you do not want that to be what comes up in the EZLoader menu change it by clicking in the “ROM Chinese name” field and typing in what you would like to appear as instead, before you burn. This will reset the GBA before powertar the image and will provide a slightly higher level of compatibility.

General rule of thumb here would be to charge around every month to make sure the saves are still intact, but not to get over worried with it. Carts and the data stored on them are measured in megabits Mbdata on your hard drive is measured in megabytes MB. Try removing your other USB devices and rebooting.

EZ-Flash II Powerstar 256Mb

It’s up to you. EZ-Flash 2 Power Star model has been designed to reduce power consumption of poaerstar card. The EZ2 Powerstar is the first cart to integrate a cheat function and it is the first to reduce its GBA power consummation, thus the name Powerstar.

Software will upadate automaticly if you are connected to the internet.

Create your own gba eBooks with pictures and even sound or read regular PC. This is where the name Power Star comes from.

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