Step 1- Select Clubs. And With the 30 day guarantee I thought I would end up returning them. This straightening is especially beneficial to those players who have a tendency to fade or slice the ball off the target line. We found a good deal for a new set and figured we’d jump on it. I hit a good drive about

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The build quality is very good.

Packed with technology including a Micro Mesh tip for torsional stability, Ultra High Modulus Graphite Fibers for consistency and distance and Launch Monitor Tuned for the ultimate trajectory. Of course the price is incredible.

The P2 Deep Cavity Irons from Gigagolf are a serious contender for some of the best game improvement irons you can buy for the money. Over- priced brand name clubs that are great quality and play great, or inferior, bargain-brand clubs that you pull off the rack at Kmart or Walmart.

Lie adjustment and shaft selection is a critical part of that equation. I will order 4, 5, and 6 irons shortly. They were hard to get used to at first hitting thin and not much more distance. We found a good deal for a new set and figured we’d jump on it.

I am still ggagolf completely used to them, and that has been interesting. The titanium faces let you know you’ve made contact, but the distance and accuracy are first rate.


Step 1- Select Clubs. Our Golferocity testing is done by real golfers of varying abilities. The first time out I shot gigxgolf strokes under my handicap. The custom fitting system really improved my game.

Custom fitted clubs can even have a more dramatic effect. Does Gigagolf edit these comments before they are posted? With the performance I get out of the irons I can live with that all day long.

Power Max GX Diamonds Series

By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. You see, even though you can buy an entire set of irons, you can also buy only one club, or a partial set. Once I was used to them, I hit them farther and straighter than any of the 3 previous sets I have owned. Achieving a 15 year history of designing and building golf clubs takes passion and an understanding of people who love golf as much as we do.

Register a new account. The sound they make, even on a perfect strike, is a little odd and dead sounding, but a small price to pay for these lovely irons. I recieved my clubs on time but the weather did not cooperate until reasently. Most golfers, after reluctantly giving Gigagolf a try, are so impressed they become life-long customers. Many recreational golfers can’t feel a bit of difference between a name brand club and a quality clone.


Gigagolf doesn’t do expensive TV or magazine advertising and they don’t play PGA tour players huge endorsement fees to play their clubs. They then use high quality shafts and grips and assemble them all at their Florida factory according to your specifications. Free Golf Tips Newsletter.

Honestly, I get more distance and a straighter, higher ball flight out of these clubs. Set Configuration Why Customize?

Golf Fairway Woods

I was concerned with going with a midsized grip and with a regular shaft, as recommended by the on-line diagnostic tools, but gigagolf’s clubfitter assured me that it would be a better fit for my game and gigzgolf was right on the money. This softer, brushed iron look was first popularized by Ping and is really nice if you live in a climate with high-intensity sun.

In fact, these irons are so easy to hit that GigaGolf has included an optional 2 iron for those players who are comfortable hitting long irons.

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