Throughout the menus, the numbers associated with each function provide a quick way to perform tests with simple numerical sequences. If you configured your tester to transmit an Acterna payload, you can insert ATP Acterna payload errors into the traffic stream. Key informational results are also provided. You must originate an Acterna payload to measure round trip delay. Configuring the traffic load. A menu appears asking you to verify whether or not you want to delete the file. Loopback testing Loopback testing allows you to transmit multiple streams of Ethernet or IP traffic from one Ethernet Tester or another JDSU Ethernet test set , and then loop the streams back through a second unit on the far end of a circuit.

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The View Results screen appears, listing the saved test results, and grouping them by category. Source Type Select one of the following: Auto Neg Rate — — — 10 When testing electrical Ethernet, the tester advertises this as the maximum rate supported during auto-negotiation. The tester transmits traffic with the frame characteristics you specified.

The following section describes how to recharge and replace the batteries. TOS Enter the type of service in binary format. The tester will attempt to send pings packets at a rate of once every ms; assuming a response is received within ms. Frame Type — — DIX A list of saved result files jdus. A test menu appears for the application, listing the following options: Transmitting a constant load.


A screen briefly appears indicating the type of battery you specified, and then the System Settings menu appears.

Tx Mbps, Cur L2 The current data rate of transmitted traffic calculated over the prior second of test time. Table 18 illustrates each of the possible resolutions. Where X represents a specific stream number. Inserting errors or pause frames. The pattern is used to populate the payload. Timeout sec Specify the time in seconds after which the tester will abort the trace if it does not receive a response from a hop.

Viavi (JDSU) – SmartClass – Ethernet

The traffic streams are configured. Indicates the tester has completed the negotiation process. If you indicated that you wanted to assign unique MAC or IP addresses to each stream, these addresses are not copied. Errors or pause frames are tesster into the traffic stream. If a M link is established, the pair status, polarity, and pair skew testrr each MDI pair is reported in the Cable Diagnostics category. Hardware Warranty — JDSU warrants that Hardware Product sold to customer shall, under normal use and service, be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

You should verify whether your problem is listed here before contacting technical assistance. Exploring the connector panel.


Viavi (JDSU) SmartClass – Ethernet – Livingston

Transmitted Frames A count of frames transmitted since starting the test. Due to the lower resolution of the black and white display, in rare instances, the final character of a label on the user interface is not visible, or it is only partially visible.

Specifications, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Before transmitting layer 3 traffic, you should specify settings that indicate whether the tester has static or DHCP-assigned source IP, subnet, and gateway addresses.

Table 7 Summary test results Result Description Errors Indicates whether errors are Present in the traffic stream, or if None have been detected.

You can turn the laser off using this setting. A menu appears listing all saved configurations. Neither advertises it can not transmit or detect received pause frames. Setting the date and time. Transmitting layer 2 patterns. Software options When you order your tester, you can order the following software options to expand your testing capability:

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