The company is developing a PC peripheral and related software to add scents to computer programs and Web sites. But Immersion allege that a tactile feedback mouse is “sixty million times better” than an ordinary one. Once these icons have been removed, click the “Refresh” button and allow Windows to re-detect the pointing device. Now double click on the Mouse icon. It’s basically just a little partial-rotation motor, with a spindle that can only turn a few degrees. If you are experiencing no force feedback or rumble effects with your product when you have installed the Vista drivers then please do the following to get the forces working again. The top of the mouse keeps exactly the same texture all the time.

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They’re cool, but do they really mean anything? And if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon. At least until one logitfch along that really is. New Haptic Mouse and Game controller: Saitek Touch Force Optical.

Logitech 930525-0403 iFeel Mouse –

If it were cordless, that could be really awkward. They’re perfectly good mouses, of course; if someone gives you one as a present, you can just disable the iFeel stuff and use it normally.

As a last resort you CAN try and change the registry which you do on your own riskthen go to Run, type in “Regedit. And that’s a bunch of steaming fertiliser, if you ask me.


Drivers updated by Logitech. MSCclick OK.

If you’re shopping for a mouse for yourself, though, you can get cheaper Logitech models that do the exact same thing, without the weird force feedback frills. Then click on “Start”, “Programs”, and “Immersion Desktop”. OK, maybe it kind of helps people, especially new users, if they get definite feedback when ifee moved the pointer onto something they can click.

Logitech gets touchy-feely with new mouse – CNET

But if you’ve got no trouble seeing stuff on the screen, I’m at a loss as to what real use the Immersion Desktop is. Solution by Richard Neville: Well, unless you’re left-handed and it’s the MouseMan, in which case you can swing it around on its cable and threaten the gift-giver with it until they give you something better.

I really don’t think ordinary computer users need any of this, though. They use Immersion ‘s TouchSense technology, that’s what they do.

Double-click to expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers. That means it’s compatible with iFeelPixel TactileWare: You need to run the detection wizard again.

To do this, go to “Start”, then select “Run”. Double click on the System icon and select the Device Manager tab.

Logitech iFeel mouses

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. OK, it’s just a buzzing mouse, it’s not Big Disco Bass. Logitech engineers came up with the idea by ruminating on the number of senses computer users must employ to work with the machines. Edbrooke said several e-commerce companies are working on software logjtech allows mice to “feel” fabrics or materials–a potential boon for online retailers.


Test the USB device to see if it is now functional. According to them, you can “drag the corner of a window to make it logitecy, and feel the window pull back like a rubber band”. Similarly, Immersion say you can really feel the texture of on-screen surfaces in software that’s iFeel-enabled. Double-click on the Mouse. You can turn the overall power down, though, and make the effects very subtle if you want.

Not many games, to be honest. Compatible with Windows 64 bits OS.

It’s comfortable to use, but if logittech switch back and forth between it and an Explorer, you’re likely to keep accidentally pressing the MouseMan’s fourth button – the Explorer’s two side buttons are higher up. Rehabilitation experts said the new gadget could help people who have motor skills problems or minor sight impairment–people who have tremendous difficulty maneuvering the mouse-driven Web.

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