Chris-vdW 28 January at I didn’t verified it, but that is how those things are implemented nowadays. Can you give us a status update? Some work has been made to update the RTL driver e. I am using lubuntu, kernel version 3. These are working with many bit stream errors artifacts.

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Panasonic MN – LinuxTVWiki

Five days ago Benjamin published new code. I have no much motivation continue as there is more interesting things to do. I could do some more measuring: Requires at least kernel 4. So, if there is anyone having oscilloscope, please take some measurements from the I2C bus in order to see linxu happens there when error condition is met.

Hi is this tuner v 1. I agree that kn88472 fixing the problem would be the way to go, especially since I cannot easily use bulk writes anymore uploading the firmware takes 20 seconds or more for me, depending on the amount of errorsbut I haven’t done that much programming, so I was already quite surprised I got it working at all. Along with some other advice I have concluded that the module is incomplete for device 0bda: Rob B 5 Mn884472 at Maybe my device is slightly more bodgy; after all, it’s extremely cheap.


Astrometa AMDVBT2 and Tvheadend on Linux

I can send stick to you. Self confident and stunning in equivalent measures, an absolute necessity read.

Even though the chipset is different and incompatible, the same USB vendor and product IDs are used 15f4: Also as all these devices use the same “unique” id string how is the Linux system supposed to know mn8842 one is which.

Liviu Ancas 10 August at Chris-vdW 28 January at Bot are working somehow well for me.

CONFIG_DVB_MN88472: Panasonic MN88472

Anonymous 9 September at Al 12 February at Sylvain Steen 8 December at You are commenting using your WordPress. Thanks a lot for all your work on these devices.

Hi, I’ve bought it one but kernel 2. Tommi Lundell 11 September at S Firstly pictures and sound were disappeared, no channel was found for new scan, but tuner was in the list. This should also work with MN This error still exists.


I just rebased that mn tree to top of sdr tree and now it should be working: The following log messages shows you the errors. DVB-T supported since kernel 3.

Linux source code: drivers/media/dvb-frontends/mnc (v) – Bootlin

I’ve following linux-media list and see linuc activity. As far as I can see from reading https: Is is possible the eeprom went blank? Now Windows is saying it is an Unrecognised device, Linux does not list it in lsusb.

It’s a bit pricy and availability is bad Amazon tells me months of delivery timebut maybe it’s better to step in the queue. Connect the TV stick. It worked for a lijux hours.

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