If the basic TV configuration appears correctly, but the image does not fit exactly on your television set, you may need to adjust the overscan settings. One potential issue is that MythTV backend is pretty difficult to configure without GUI, which means graphics card and video out is required. However, booting the system with the ‘noapic’ option appended to the kernel boot line was enough to get my system stable. The nature of UVD 2. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. For installation on a system with Fedora, see the installation instuctions.

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Support started with version Higher bitrate may need faster chips beyond the base model. The ‘xvattr’ command can be used to solve the problem:.

Which nvidia card for vdpau – MythTV Official Community Forum

Unlike DVB broadcasts, the output of this device will be single sliced, meaning only one processor core can be used to decode it, presenting a more difficult challenge.

Just click on the link for the relevant chipset to see the details. Two known issues exist:. Kodi’s auto comm skip is just that – it reads the cut points from the myth server and auto skips them without interaction. Additional information is available at the Vision 3D Series Manufacturing page. The issue may or may not be fixed in later revisions.


Can I run the backend in a container. I can re-scan my whole library in under an hour with Kodi. You may see a recommendation elsewhere to add nvidiz ppa to apt to allow the installation of the NVidia driver from an Ubuntu repository. It offered standard definition MPEG-2 decode, and basic framebuffer output.

MythTV Official Community Forum

There are no published plans by Nvidia to support XvMC in the 8xxx series, which may make hardware assisted high def playback problematic. Kodi is looking for volunteer android developers. This decode API is used on Windows.

But I have been meaning to try out Kodi’s integration with auto skipping, just not a high priority. Note that these are in the non-free section.

NVidia Cards – MythTV Official Wiki

The video it was capable of decoding was usable on even midrange Pentium 3s. I love it, my kids are wizards with it and my wife can usually get to what she wants to watch.

At the end of a long thread on the mythtv-users list about this problem a potential fix was posted which should apply to any distro. Although it is slow to open for the first run of the day while the PVR add-on syncs all the info from MythTV, once it is running we have no issues with it.

Software decoding of video content is entirely dependent on the CPU, so the nviida you want to play will determine how much or how little you need.


See this link if you have this Problem. A potentially different patch has also been submitted on alsa-devel that may find its way into the next version of alsa.

Anybody using an Nvidia Shield as an FE? For high definition frontends, MB is a minimum, and 1GB if using a theme that uses artwork heavily. I could definitely get used to using it, but the crashes are hard to myghtv. Issue the following command:. We manually skip commercials by hitting right on the remote a few times and don’t really miss the MythTV commskipping. Submit a new text post.

nvidi Resolutions supported by the driver depend on the card in use. For installation on a system with Fedora, see the installation instuctions. Mythweb also shows it as watched so I’m reasonably sure that MythTV is auto-expiring watched shows first. I just setup two HDHomerun Connects and they were pretty easy to setup and the instructions on the mythtv wiki were enough for me.

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